Designed on the track, built for the road.


The GP-Sport takes the Supersport road bike category to the next level.  It’s the first road bike in it’s class to combine a unique blend of race-bred engineering & technology to achieve the optimum setup for the road or the track.


Shrouded in carbon fibre bodywork, at the heart of the GP-Sport is a blueprinted 749cc 4-stroke inline 3-cylinder engine. This powerful and durable combination helps to deliver an impressive power-to-weight ratio that other manufacturers can only imagine.


Combined with the GP-inspired fully adjustable chassis - headstock, swing arm pivot/rear axel and link arm - riders now have the an unlimited amount of adjustability - rake, trail, offset, swingarm pivot point, wheelbase and ride height - features normally the preserve of Grand Prix machines.


Weighing in at a featherweight 140kg with up to 180bhp, the GP-Sport represents the perfect balance of design, engineering and performance for the road or the track.


The ultimate performance bike, with no compromises.


The GP-Sport R is the no-compromise, ultra-high performance machine for those wanting the ultimate, tailor-made ride and ownership experience.


At its heart is a 'Supersport Spec' blueprinted 749cc engine, stroked out to deliver an impressive 180bhp at 13200rpm. Working in harmony with the adjustable chassis are the GP-spec forks and shock, super lightweight carbon fibre bodywork and carbon wheels, further underpinning the no compromise nature of the GP-Sport R.


Harnessing this level of power and corner speed requires a world-class instrumentation and electronics package which comes in the form of a fully programmable MoTeC ECU and F1-level electronics.  With numerous sensors and potentiometers our system offers the rider unprecedented levels of control and adjustability, tailored to the individual.  With the addition of GPS and 4G remote access, riders can analyse, monitor, track and change any number of parameters to improve and customise the riding experience.


The GP-Sport R represents the ultimate expression of exclusivity with only 50 of these ultra-high performance machines being made available.


With a range of options and upgrades to create a truly unique, bespoke machine, The GP-Sport R really is the ultimate performance bike for the true racing connoisseur or collector.








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